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Static plants


The galvanizing of metals by means of an electrolytic static process is one of Elettrogalvanica Modenese’s areas of expertise. For more than 35 years, we have been operating in the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Bologna and Modena, carrying out an industrial electrogalvanizing service for the best companies in the region.

Competitive pricing and guaranteed reliability are our trademarks. Our services include white and yellow electrogalvanizing and other galvanic treatments. We have a static plant and a rotary barrel to do the work that allows us to achieve the best results.

In particular:

  • The static plant I is fully automated. It consists of 30 tanks, with 4 zinc positions for each tank, with ideal current control to best meet the customer’s requirements. The dimensions are 3000x1300x1000 mm.
  • The static plant II is entirely devoted to manganese phosphating, also known as manganese phosphate coating. The dimensions are 1500x1000x500.

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What is galvanizing? This name refers to the procedure for applying a thin layer of zinc to a metal object: iron or steel. The aim is to protect the object from the inexorable effect of atmospheric corrosion, thus guaranteeing the maximum service life and efficiency of industrial manufactured goods.

Metals have different electrochemical potentials, which can be positive or negative. This classification is relevant, as the corrosion process tends to attack less noble metals i.e. more electronegative metals more easily.

Zinc, used by Elettrogalvanica Modenese to protect your industrial products, has a -0.76 charge: It is less electropositive than iron and steel and, therefore, offers excellent protection against the effects of atmospheric corrosion.

There are various types of galvanizing: hot dip, cold, spray or electrolytic (electrogalvanizing). The latter type occurs in the presence of an electrolyte, such as water.



Electrogalvanizing is obtained by passing an electric current through a cell containing an acid or alkaline solution of zinc salts (electrolyte solution for “bath”). Due to the effect of the current, the zinc ions cover the metal to be protected.

The choice of acid or alkaline solution is instrumental to the effect we want to achieve:

  • Acid baths return very bright objects. However, they are less durable than alkaline-bath galvanised objects;
  • Alkaline baths can create an even zinc covering and, therefore, provide high strength. However, the gloss effect will be much less noticeable.

And you, how do you want your galvanizing process? Talk to our engineers about this: We will analyze your needs and come to an agreement on the galvanizing process that best suits your needs. We are active in the provinces of Modena, Bologna and Reggio Emilia.