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Quality and environment


Quality assurance with the ISO 14001 certification: the metal treatments of Elettrogalvanica Modenese comply with the environmental regulation of suppliers of excellence. In addition, we follow the European directives for chemical processing in the REAC and ROHS regulations. In Reggio Emilia, Modena and Bologna, our company stands for transparency and honesty.

Metal treatment is an industrial process that, like so many others, also involves costs and risks to the environment. The adoption of environmental management systems in line with the highest industry standards is a further guarantee of the quality of our company.

We have at our disposal a cogeneration (combined heat and power) machine from the IBT Group, thanks to which reusable electricity is generated during the production process. IBT technologies are also distinguished by an ethical choice of care, respect and protection of the environment, aimed at reducing the consumption of primary energy sources, reducing waste and reducing emissions of harmful pollutants.

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The ISO 14001 standard is a certificate of compliance with the requirements set out in the rules for the environmental management of its activities, or the effects on the ecosystem. This is not a mandatory standard, but it is up to each company to decide whether to follow best practices.

The certification attests to the fact that Elettrogalvanica Modenese is an organization that is committed to monitoring and controlling its environmental impact, always striving to improve itself in a way consistent with respect for nature and customer expectations.

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IWe carefully select our suppliers and the products we work with. In this regard, our company follows ROHS 2002/95/EC, which means restricting the use of potentially harmful substances, such as hexavalent chromium.

We are also regarded as a “downstream user” of chemicals under the EU REACH Regulation. As a result, we have profiled our chemical risk and filed product safety data sheets from our suppliers.

We are the most certified supplier of galvanizing and similar treatments in the provinces of Bologna, Modena and Reggio Emilia: compliance with the rules is a driving value in our work, for the safety of all.
Download the RoHS and WEEE (Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment) directives:

  • 2002/95 EC-RoHS Directive
  • 2002/96 EC WEEE Directive

As the company is REACH and RoHS certified, we apply the following regulations: